Friday, August 24, 2012

Ryan blatantly avoids his own bills language defining Rape. Don't pay attention to anything Ryan did before.

Since I'm still out of town, here's another incredible link to an interview where Paul Ryan can't even answer questions about his own cosponsored bill defining rape and it's absolute extremism.
Delano: “You sponsored legislation that has the language ‘forcible rape.’ What is forcible rape as opposed…”

Ryan: “Rape is rape. Rape is rape, period. End of story.”

Delano: “So that forcible rape language meant nothing to you at the time?”

Ryan: “Rape is rape and there’s no splitting hairs over rape.”
 One TV station had an interview with Mitt Romney but only after agreeing they would not ask about abortion or Todd Akin.

Here's Ryans interview with KDKA TV.

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