Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Republicans won't tolerate dissent, or Ron Paul supporters. The Big Story from the RNC.

Republican voters are now getting a taste of their party's authoritarian leanings, and still not getting it.

What Ron Paul supporters saw was just a preview of things to come when Republican power rest in their mighty gerrymandered districts hands. I thought this headline summed it up:

"Fuck You, Tyrants!": Ron Paul Supporters Rebel on Convention Floor

Mother Jones got the story right:
A minor revolt broke out on the floor of the Republican Party's presidential convention Tuesday afternoon and evening. Ron Paul delegates from several states erupted into protest over a controversial change to the party's rules to block future insurgencies mounted by outside candidates like their hero. Paul supporters also freaked out over the convention's refusal to recognize about two dozen Paul delegates and for refusing to treat Paul like a serious candidate for the nomination.

Following the dustup, Yelena Vorobyov (pictured), a 30-year-old Paul delegate from Apple Valley, Minnesota, was eager to vent. Barely taking a breath, she said: "This is just evidence of the manipulation of the Republican Party. They're not even allowing us to bring signs in, but they brought in their own [pro-Romney] signs. We couldn't nominate Ron Paul. The 'no' for not passing the rules was louder than the 'aye' and they ruled in favor of the rules. They're cheating. The Republican National Committee is not transparent and does not have integrity. They stole votes. They stole delegates. They refused to send buses for our delegates. It's a totalitarian process. This is not democracy. It's a really sad day for us. I've worked for Republican candidates since I was 16. We believed the Republican Party had more integrity. Boy, did they prove us wrong."
From RT News, this wake up call...or will they roll over and go back to sleep?

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  1. Well, now....maybe they'll FINALLY see what we've seen all along: The GOP is the Party of My Way or The Highway. Get on the bus...or you'll be under it.