Friday, August 31, 2012

A more accurate bumper sticker....

The idea from Randi Rhodes; you can't spell money without Romney, or lyin' without Ryan. You get the idea.

I thought this recent post worked well:

I will keep adding posters as I find them:


  1. Hello John,

    I'm glad you liked the 'The Liar, The Fake and The Fool' illustration. I have no problem you posting it on your blog but I ask that as part of the Creative Commons licensing agreement, you give attribution and link it back to

    Also, if you're interested in more Romney/Ryan art work, you can look here:

    Thank you.

    -mario piperni

    BTW, you might want to consider changing your captcha app. It is near impossible to read.

  2. Supplied the link, and I should have taken the time to attribute. Always in a rush....

    Capture software is clear on my end. Clicking on the picture, like the compilation of Ryan's sad faces, I don't see a problem with detail. If anyone else see's fuzzy images, let me know, but the resolution is set for web posting.

    I hope the link helps, and hope to post a few more incredibly creative pictures. We've been dealing with this guy for years.