Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vagina Clad Code Pink Protesters, speak out against War on Women.

For pure entertainment value, I enjoyed the latest protest from Code Pink, where they dressed up as vaginas. Kinda reminds of the Melinda DuChamp book cover, Fifty Shades of Alice through the Looking Glass. 
GlobalPost: Activist group Code Pink put on a colorful display of protest at the Republican National Convention Monday, arriving dressed as bright pink vaginas to speak out against the "war on women" and corporate money in politics, according to the group's website. "I want to make waves here in Tampa," one vagina-clad activist told BuzzFeed. "I want the Republicans to see that there's dissent and that we're not going to stand for their rhetoric against women — most recently, Representative Akin making that comment about 'legitimate rape,'" she said.

Republicans seem to be doing more to break down the traditional silence of talking about a woman's sexuality and body parts, than the 60's sexual revolution, bra burning's, Betty Friedan and Hugh Hefner combined.

I especially liked one woman's response to the question, why dress up? "To make a scene," she smiled.

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