Monday, August 27, 2012

Capitol Police Chief to end Protester “intimidation?” “We’re better than that.” He’s not kidding.

During the Capitol protests in the winter of 2011, the police chief made almost no arrests and avoided all major confrontations, keeping piece and preventing any destructive behavior. Chief Tubbs met with protesters and respected their right to demonstrate, even when arrests could have been made. There was peace.

But Republican Rep. Robin Vos and DOA’s Mike Huebsch wanted to send a stronger message, along with new rules limiting protests at the Capitol. If you didn’t get DOA approval and a permit, no go. If you protested anyway, the individual or group would be charged for law enforcement work. Pretty insane. Check out this past story on Capitol Chief David Erwin.

The Walker Authority will not tolerate “disruptive” and disrespectful behavior of a duly elected Republican politician. Their scared.

You would think Walker’s repressive political management, along with attempts to suppress voter participation, would start sending up red flags everywhere. Where’s the Wisconsin 14 now, or for that matter, a new lineup of Democrats in the front lines against Walker?  I kid, yawn.
Chicago Tribune: The Wisconsin Capitol's new police chief said Monday he plans to crack down on protesters who don't follow the building's rules because he wants to restore a sense of normalcy and safety to the statehouse. Chief David Erwin told The Associated Press in an interview that he respects people's right to petition their government, but that he believes some protesters' behavior has crossed into intimidation.

"I understand it's a political environment," Erwin said of the Capitol. "(But) there's a line. We're better than that." Erwin, a former Marine, said he reached an agreement with DA Isamel Ozanne and Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen last week calling for Van Hollen to handle civil citations against the protesters and Ozanne to handle any criminal complaints. 
From Channel3000:

That means any innocent protester could be subject to the full weight of the state of Wisconsin's Justice Department. The party of small government, my ass. That's a far cry from the past, where even Walker thugs got off scot free:
Capitol police have issued scores of citations against the protesters over the last 18 months, but Dane County District Attorney Isamel Ozanne, a Democrat, has dismissed most of them.

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