Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paul Ryan to usher in Gilded Age, Medieval Past.

Here’s another successful attempt to sum up what Paul Ryan stands for:
Paul Ryan and the Long War on Democracy: Danny Weil, Truthout: Op-Ed

As in North Carolina, the Kochs from Wisconsin have been busy funding a national Republican Party purge of what are called "moderates," people who were deemed conservatives in the past. The takeover of the Republican Party by the forces of reaction is nearly complete. The reactionary agenda is part of the war on women's reproductive and social rights; it is a war against the gains made in the civil rights movement of the sixties as well as the New Society; it is a war against education and the environment. In fact, it is a war on the Enlightenment itself with appeals to dark religious fundamentalism clothed in free-market fundamentalist rhetoric arguing for a new Digital Dark Ages equipped with neo-feudalistic socio-economic and cultural arrangements.

In many ways Ryan is THE American Taliban, as he stands for theocracy over democracy and ideological indoctrination over democratic education. His nomination as a running mate for Romney is an indication of how thoroughly our government has been infiltrated by those seeking to subvert the Constitution, undo decades of humanitarian gains and institutionalize a plutocracy fashioned after the Gilded Age and yet firmly set on a medieval past.

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