Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Real Scott Walker Melted Down on National TV!

In what was supposed to be a quick in and out interview with Scott Walker, about Paul Ryan's "powerful" speech tonight, turned out to be anything but.

The divide and conquering hero, Scott Walker, went into melt down mode under questioning. Walker panicked, backtracked, fabricated, played the victim and finally smarted off to MSNBC hosts on national television. Take a good look, Walker's rage and deep seeded authoritarian nature does not react well to questions and then followup questions.

Two quick points; Walker must have been on something when said flat out Obama promise the plant in Janesville would still be open. Jaw dropping:
Walker: "Barack Obama promised the people in Janesville that that plant would still be open."  
GM closed December, 2008. Thank you Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow for the Walker reveal.

Second, the auto industry was on the verge of being broken into pieces and sold off to creditors if Obama hadn't stepped. Credit was not coming to either Chrysler or GM. The government managed bankruptcy save the industry.

What an ugly, unprofessional desperate man:


  1. Yes, Walker is sickening. I hope he is on his way to jail via the "John Doe" investigation.

  2. Scott "John Doe" Walker.

    Maybe these same commentators will be discussing an indictment at some point in the future. They might play this clip again. They'll maybe even use Scottenfreude if there is a perjury indictment.

    Snotty Scotty knows these people are reading the blogs. They know what's up. Next time they'll be laughing at you Scott.

    The optics are already pretty bad, what with an accused chimo and what looks to be another chimo type not yet charged with that.