Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Right wings "New Majority" ad Laughably Embarrassing, Blames Tammy Baldwin for Republican Spending like Drunken Sailors, Tax cuts and Wars.

One of the most laughable ads...yes, laughable, is the following ad attacking Tammy Baldwin for the Republican congresses "spending like drunken sailors" agenda. Remember, Bush and the Republican majority were handed a balanced budget, even a surplus. But all that changed with tax cuts, wars and Medicare part D.

The ad included here is so over the top ridiculous, that I couldn't resist giving it a little added exposure. Lines like, "Since Baldwin went to congress, our national debt has increased over ten trillion dollars..." Since Baldwin been in congress, the Republicans have been in control.

The stimulus didn't fail. The CBO and other economic analysts had determine the stimulus created and/or saving up to 4 million jobs. Heck, even stimulus critic Paul Ryan admitted the stimulus in Janesville help the economy there and created jobs. Has the "New Majority" at Karl Roves Crossroads GPS no shame...of course not:

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