Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Attorney Generals Office now Prosecuting last years Protesters!

Anyone have deep enough pockets to fight the Attorney Generals office in court? That's what Scott Walker is counting on, a quiet peaceful and frightened electorate.

Your First Amendment free speech rights will not be tolerated under the Scott Walker administration. The right to protest your government is an antiquated activity, and not a part of the new Republican authority.

Under new Capitol Police Chief David Erwin, all future protests will see the official role out of Walker's unconstitutional limits protesting.  

But just to send the right message, AG J.B. Van Hollen has decided to prosecute past offenders:

WKOW: In an unusual move, an assistant attorney general is prosecuting a civil case involving alleged disorderly conduct by a State Capitol protester, and there are indications the state Justice Department may become involved in other, similar prosecutions.

The defendant in the civil case, Jeremy Ryan, tells 27 News he believes the attorney general's involvement in the prosecution of his case represents a crackdown on protests by the Walker administration. "To me, this looks like a political, legal hit job," Ryan said.

But Ryan, a frequent Capitol protester who uses a segway because of a medical condition, says he's been cited more than 30 times in the past two years, and nearly all his citations have been dismissed.

Ozanne says for the attorney general to prosecute what's called a civil forfeiture case, it requires request from the governor or the legislature. Ryan says his July citation involved his presence in the gallery of the state senate chambers with a camera and a placard.
Petty and vindictive, the Walker authorities actions should (but won't) scare conservative and tea party activists as well, because they would be exposed to these same prosecutions and rules. Here's who is now in charge of the state Capitol:
WSJ: David Erwin is a 16-year veteran of the Wisconsin State Patrol and has been serving as a captain in charge of Gov. Scott Walker's security with the Dignitary Protection Unit, the DOA said. He also served as commander of the State Patrol air support unit. Erwin served in United States Marine Corps, where he was an instructor sergeant.
Nothing like a drill sergeant to take control of the Capitol protests. Just as interesting is this description from another "crack a few heads open" true believer, DOA Secretary Mike Huebsch, who rephrases that more authoritarian sentiment by calling it "a fresh perspective of leadership:"
“Chief Erwin brings considerable experience to the job as well as a fresh perspective of leadership and experience to the Department. I look forward to working with him.” 


  1. Now they get someone out of the State Patrol to police the public's State Capital. Walker appointed the Fitzgerald brother's father--leapfrogging several other more qualified applicants--to run his State Patrol. They were immediately used to hunt for the Democratic 14.
    This new guy at the Capital must have been a real Fitzgerald lackey.
    Leave it to Scott to take the public mission of the State Capital away from the public.
    I wonder where the "free speech cages" will be this time at the Tampa Republican convention.

  2. At least they aren't prosecuting future protesters yet.