Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rep. Robin Vos' soon to be ex, in Idaho, voted illegally in Wisconsin!!

Who's voting illegally? With the new voter law in limbo, and in court, it appears our Republican friends are the ones getting caught doing what they always do, cheating. This is no small issue, and if Samantha Vos did cast illegal votes, then the full force of the law should come crashing down from our Republican Authority. We have to maintain the integrity of our elections, don't cha know.
Boiseweekly: Samantha Vos, who said that she was a resident of Canyon County in court papers filed April 19 separating from her husband, cast a vote in Wisconsin's April presidential primary election,according to a report by Madison, Wisc., television station WKOW. Vos is the wife of Wisconsin Republican Rep. Robin Voss, co-chair of his state's joint finance committee. WKOW reports that Wisconsin law requires 28 days of continuous residency prior to voting.

Vos' Democratic opponent in the upcoming election told WKOW that Samantha Vos' vote while a resident of Idaho was "unfortuante" and said it indicated she had improperly voted.

WKOW reports that Samanta Vos also voted in a June 5 Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election and another primary election earlier this month, as her legal action in Idaho continued.
No love lost, Vos snarled a response, sorta:
Through a spokesperson, Rep. Vos declined comment, other than to note the casting of the vote was his wife’s matter.


  1. It would be Samantha Vos's problem unless someone else voted for her, someone like Vos himself through absentee ballots, or his mistress?
    This demands a full investigation. I'm sure the Republican DA will get right on top of it.

  2. Gareth- This is exactly what I think could be the bigger story. Remember the stories before the recall election about how people were getting absentee ballots in GOP areas without asking for them, because the party was doing it for them?

    Is it much of a reach to think they also sent in fraudulent absentee ballots for people? Not in the least. These bastards will try ANYTHING.