Saturday, August 18, 2012

Republicans can do what they want.....

Have you noticed how easy it is for Republicans to say no. No to tax forms, no to the details of their plan to take America back, no to how they would create jobs, no to how free market health care would work. Actually, that last one would cost lives, just so they can live out their ideological theories.

Republicans always stick to their guns, never get flustered, never get embarrassed, never admit they're wrong, push lies that turn into truthyness, blame others, double down on stupid, and still win a few elections.

Are the Democrats the most inept party in the history of our country? Yes. They fold under pressure, they "compromise" their values, never answer a question directly, play nice to the opposition, respect those that would cut their throats, and never stick to a strong agenda of health care for all, returning voting rights, strengthen public schools, returning labor rights, and lead on wind and solar energies.

How hard it god.

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