Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ryan's Deceptively Rosy Picture of a Thriving Free Market Economy ignores Tough Realities of the Unemployed and Race to Bottom!

Many pundits are now talking about the sharp contrast between Obama's vision of America, and the unchained free market future the Romney/Ryan ticket is offering up. Despite seeing the effects of deregulation and free market politics over the last 20 years, and learning from it, Republicans like Romney/Ryan have doubled down on failure.

The voting public will now be exposed to the most aggressive corporate propagandist ad campaign ever seen in American history, where the last remaining lose ends of employee protections will be done away with so big business to take it all.  

You might remember Scott Walker's now infamous "divide and conquer" comment made to a multi-billionaire in Janesville...she's back, and exposed.

The hideously wealthy billionaire and Republican elitist Dianne Hendricks, and a local Janesville banker, want to paint a beautiful picture of a world where business is unchained. They intentionally leave out the devastating consequences of that one-sided portrait of a thriving American economy.

That won't happen if enough people watch the documentary As Goes Janesville.
The president of 371 Productions, Brad Lichtenstein, directed As Goes Janesville, (about) the hometown of seven-term Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s newly named vice-presidential pick. The new documentary will air on the PBS series Independent Lens this fall.
From Democracy Now, and a heads up from Wisconsin Jobs Now, a shortened clip showing how removed Paul Ryan really is from the hard cold reality of working Americans:

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