Monday, August 20, 2012

Walker's Campaign to Vilify Teachers just another Tool, that's Working.

In the past, it would have been almost impossible to imagine an adult making such a derogatory comment about the teaching profession, but thanks to Scott Walker, we're working with a new set of tools. Acting like a 14 year school yard bully, Burlington County Board member Philip Ketterhagen said what most Republican privateers are saying behind our backs:
jsonline: A Burlington Area School Board member has been censured for saying during a meeting that teachers were like cattle who should be struck with a board to get their attention, the Racine Journal Times reports.

The censured board member, Philip Ketterhagen, made the comment while discussing test scores and teacher pay raises ... Ketterhagen said during a meeting that teacher pay raises should not be included in the next budget based on the lower-than-desired scores. 
He then said "school personnel were like cattle and should be struck with a two-by-four so as to get their attention."

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  1. This "tool" being used by Walker is what the "accountability" bill was about passed last year. Jason Fields, calling himself a "Democrat," was involved with this and other Republicans.
    Jason Fields lost his election Aug. 14th to a bona-fide Democratic challenger.
    Good riddance, Jason.