Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sean Duffy the animated Carnival Barker.

Rep. Sean Duffy is on message at a recent "victory" meeting of Republican minds. Where do I begin?

Duffy waves him arms as he continues the misinformation campaign about Medicare, never proposes his parties own plan and how it saves money (without cuts?...don't think so), and promises current seniors their coverage won't change despite opening up the donut hole again and taking away free check ups.

All that's missing here is a bottle of magic elixir.


  1. God are you an asshole.

    For real facts that will set you free visit http://liberallyconservative.com.

    Then move to Cuba.

  2. Ouch, don't bog me down with so many facts. I love you inhumane "assholes" who would rather have Americans die than admit their empty use of "freedom" is all part of a failed ideology. Remember W? That worked well, didn't it?

  3. DUFFY and Romney - liars!

  4. Don- my my - such a sensitive man you are.