Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stop the Stupidity!! It's time to tell Republicans they're lying.

Even Chuck Todd can't take the bullshit anymore. The sadist part of hearing GOP politicians explain their point, is that we're not sure if they're lying or really that stupid.

I'm going with stupid. Watch Iowa Governor Terry Branstad's reaction, and insistence that he's right, in the short clip below. When Republicans like Branstad are caught in a lie, the old "fact of the matter" phrase gets tossed into the conversation. It's all the proof low information conservative, purely ideological voters need to hear.

Food Stamps: Like all problems created by Republicans, the solution always attacks the program, and not what caused so many people to be on food stamps. Great Recession = Unemployment-no money-the need for food stamps. The GOP solution; cut the food stamp program? They can't be this dumb.

Chuck Todd tries like hell to get Branstad to make sense. Branstad's sleepy disconnected look tells the whole story.

BRANSTAD: We reformed welfare in the 1990s, now the Obama administration’s trying to undo the work requirement.

TODD: Wait a minute, Gov. Branstad, I can’t let that go. They haven’t done that. [Crosstalk] You leveled a charge about the welfare work requirement. It turns out that’s not true. Where did you get your information?

BRANSTAD: It absolutely is. I was one of the governors that helped get it, and when we passed it, it was designed not to be waived. And now the President of the United States has, by executive order in July, weakened that which was very effective.

TODD: The waivers are for state governors. The waivers are for you. [...] If governors weaken it to a certain point, the federal government yanks the waiver. [...] Nothing about this issue, every charge that has been leveled about this welfare reform order that the president signed, every accusation that has been leveled by some Republicans have been proven to be not true.

BRANSTAD: Well, the fact of the matter is that the president did it. He didn’t have to take this action to weaken the strong work requirement that was passed.

TODD: It doesn’t weaken it…The works still there, governor, it’s still there.

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  1. Too bad Chuck todd didn't point out that it was Republican governors who requested the waiver.