Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Proof School Choice used to kill Public Schools. Neil Boortz blames "government schools" for giving us Obama.

Right Wing Watch has been hot lately, finding actual proof the Republican Party is going off the deep end, and they're trying to take us with them. Conservative talk host Neal Boortz spoke at the Unity Rally in Tampa yesterday and said this lunacy:
They are not public schools, they are government schools. They are owned by, staffed by, operated by and forced upon by the government.

And, ladies and gentlemen, it is 100 years of government education that led us to the point that a man like Barack Obama could be sworn in as president of the United States. So, wherever you are, preach school choice.

Is Boortz trashing desegregation?

Even more accurate, 100 years of government education may have actually led us to the creation of the tea party. Just kidding, home schooling, the religious right, and right wing think tanks did that. Anyone need further proof school choice is nothing but a poison pill, a way to kill public education.  

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