Monday, August 27, 2012


Here's my cathartic outpouring...

Since I've been on vacation, traveling around the state, I got a little depressed seeing the Republican yard signs and listening to talk radio. Having distanced myself from the day-to-day coverage and blogging, I noticed something very unsettling.

Democrats aren't even close to countering the overwhelming conservative media machines fine tuned message. It's like we're in two different worlds. Despite the insightful coverage by Maddow, O'Donnell and Schultz, no one else in the news media seems to care. Their "lefties," and can't be taken seriously.

While many Democratic voters continue to whine and complain about how Obama disappointed them, they seem to have missed what made Obama the overwhelming choice for president.

He was an over-the-top liberal, a populist, who appealed to our better instincts. So what did the Democratic Party do? They backed away from their platform and compromised the hell out of it. It made liberal voters angry. No one sides with cowards.

The authoritarian overreach of the Republican 2010 takeover should have been a gift for the Democratic Party. Well, guess who didn't notice?

A Colorado university research team concluded that Romney will defeat Obama in November. They've been right since 1980. I certainly hope they're wrong, but...recent polls have indicated the public is receptive to change, stating emphatically they think the country is headed in the wrong direction. We live in a time of immediate gratification, and a slow recovery just won't cut it. That's bad news for Obama.

That means voters are willing to believe that their own social safety nets had something to do with the Wall Street crash and our current slow economic recovery. It means they believe there's some truth in the Romney campaigns phony outrage, misquotes and fabrications.

They want to change direction, despite all the things Americans like about Obama.


  1. Man- you leave me depressed. If it's any consultation - o% of blacks will vote for Mint. You're right - Dems have not been strong in holding to core principals. The Republicons hold fast and keep pushing their values. The Dems- they waffle. Oh yeah - Missouri will go to Obama. A poll just came out.

  2. Regardless of who is elected President, the social safety net will be under attack. It was Obama who appointed the members of the Simpson-Bowles catfood commission and he has endorsed their conclusions

    Just as Nixon was the one who could go to China, Obama is the one who can gut Social Security and Medicare. A Romney presidency might actually stimulate fightback from Democrats who would otherwise be afraid to take on Obama and risk the rath of the DNC and access to it's fundraising network.

  3. Thanks for the positive points of view.

    You both could be right. Here's hoping...