Friday, August 17, 2012

Ryan would have Stiffed Janesville's ability to get Economic Stimulus Help. Ungrateful Hometown Boy?

Janesville is now getting a look at the real Paul Ryan, the one who hasn't lifted a finger to save even one company from closing or moving overseas. As John Nichols said on Sly in the Morning:

Romney's VP running mate Rep. Paul Ryan denied at first, then claimed he didn't remember, asking for stimulus money to help two hometown businesses in Janesville. Now, Ryan says he probably would not have done anything to help...see for yourself:
AP/Bloombergbusinessweek: Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan on Thursday reversed course and acknowledged lobbying the government for millions of dollars in economic stimulus money after twice denying he had done so ... he had forgotten that his office sent letters — with his signature — to the Energy and Labor departments asking for money from the stimulus program on behalf of two companies in his home state.

"They should have been handled differently, and I take responsibility for that," Ryan said in a written statement released only after he again denied requesting stimulus funds Thursday in an Ohio television interview.
Ryan blamed a "staffer" for the mistaken help to Janesville. Here's Ed Schultz, the Nation Magazine's John Nichols, and the Progressive Magazine's Ruth Conniff :

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