Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ryan meets another protesters, and the Romney/Ryan list of Lies.

Paul Ryan continues to be reminded not everyone believes everything he's saying about the stimulus. Love the protesters guts and showmanship when he tore up a Romney/Ryan sign.

I also love the mob like audience falling all over themselves, buying this GOP snake oil, shouting down one guy in the crowd. Stoning's next?

Here's the longer video where Ed Schultz tracks all the Romney/Ryan lies. It's important to note that no matter how good a point Ed or anyone in the more liberal media makes, we're locked in our own echo chamber. We're fooling ourselves if we think were changing anyone's mind with the facts. The polls are showing that.

Janesville's favorite son is polling well in the state, putting Romney in the lead by 1 percentage point. Likability is up for Ryan too. I'm fascinated by the fact that Ryan has the ability to actually sell a horribly unrealistic 30 year plan on the deficit, require greater out of pocket costs to seniors on a fixed income for Medicare, reduce or get rid of hard working Americans safety nets, penalize the public for an economy trashed by Wall Street banks, and turn health care into a consumer product you either can or can't afford.

Romney/Ryan are slightly behind, tie and ahead according to recent polls. It's close, leaning toward a Republican win, and a big win for the Senate Republicans anti-Obama strategy of filibustering everything. Sadly, we're going to be getting just what we deserve.

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