Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ryan begged for Stimulus, Unemployment, and Health Care Assistance in 2002 Recession. Hypocrisy Exposed...Again!!!

This could be the game changer. The very policies Paul Ryan blames for turning the U.S. safety nets into hammocks, and ending our entrepreneurial freedoms, are the same policies that filled a need in his own agenda back in 2002. Heads up to the Huffington Post for the tip.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes uncovered lost video of Ryan on the House floor pleading his case for the same kind of stimulus Obama has been pushing since taking the presidency. How will the tea party react to this? They want to win, so they'll drop kick their whole agenda for Paul "two face" Ryan. Here's Hayes' analysis:

Just for fun, and to get the word out for those who want to use this video, here are the individual Ryan clips. First, Ryan insisted on July 1, 2010, the whole idea of a stimulus is a false premise.

Back in 2002, Ryan supported creating jobs by supporting unemployment and Medicaid health coverage;

Finally, Ryan admits in an economic slumps, the revenues aren't there to revamp Social Security and Medicare...recovery is first:

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