Monday, February 1, 2010

A Terrorist Show Trial a Platform to Get the Message Out? What About the Tiller Trial?

It appears the Republicans campaign of fear is working, scaring Democrats into acting irrational and running for cover, as the possibility of canceling the terrorist trials in civil court is gaining steam. If that wasn't enough, and it never is for the right wing, a Republican Senator Lindsey Graham wants to pull any funding for the trials.
(UPI) -- Congressional Republicans said they would act on New York's reluctance to hold a terrorism trial through measures that would block trial funding. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said he plans to introduce a proposal Tuesday that would end funding for the alleged Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists to be prosecuted in federal court, saying the alleged conspirators should be tried by military commissions, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Undermining the president is the ultimate goal of the Republican Party, calling into question everything this administration wants to do, while actually making the argument for the terrorists that they can get their message out in civil court. That was never a given, but it is now.

Critics say such trials would create a platform for radical propaganda. It would give these terrorists a stage to get their message out to the world, recruiting and potentially inviting future attacks. If that were true, than why is it alright to give a "platform" and "stage" to this media saturated show trial of Scott Roader, sensationally presented by Fox News below?

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