Monday, February 8, 2010

The French Health Care System Explained, While Health Care Freeloaders Vote for Virginia Exemption to Pay Fair Share.

After watching the following clip about Frances health care system, does it really make sense to claim doctors and hospitals will opt out and close if they can't make a gazillion dollars off the sick and dying?

On the other end of universal health care you have the crazy American freeloader. They hate mandates for health care coverage because it gets in the way of their freedom to foist the cost onto you and me. You see, they get to keep more of their money, while we get premium increases to cover their treatment. Of course they have disguised their freeloading ways by claiming a belief in the tenth amendment, limiting federal control. I would love to see states opt out, letting them deal with the insurance companies, but that would hurt a lot of innocent people. Yet the freeloaders don't seem at all concerned. Check out the following line of BS:

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