Thursday, February 18, 2010

Austin IRS Attack Not Domestic Terrorism? Media Tries to Protect Anti-government Tea Partiers.

It's time to protect the "government is bad," anti-tax movement of tea party protesters and Republican small government radicals, by trying to push the idea that the IRS airplane attack in Austin, Texas, by Andrew Stack is NOT a case of domestic terrorism. If the case is made that it was a terrorist attack, interest in the extremist anti-IRS tax protesters may be scuttled between the media and the anti-government tea partiers.

You won't believe the lengths a few in the media will go, including NBC's Pete Williams, to convince us this "plane crashed into a building" attack is not domestic terrorism. Andrew Stack's online manifesto is directed dead center at the government bailouts, health care, insurers, IRS...everything.

Video is there, despite black screen, click to play

Here's more of the Stack's manifesto:

ABC's coverage couldn't be clearer:

A single engine plane smashed into the side of an Austin office buildling today.

The pilot was identified as Andrew Stack. The IRS has offices in the building complex that was struck. Federal officials said shortly after the crash into the Austin office complex that houses FBI and IRS offices that they had no reason to suspect the incident was terrorism related.

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