Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rep. Paul Ryan Pushes Business control over Medical Care.

Here's a quick edit on the Rep. Paul Ryan exchange regarding business groups and insurance companies making our healh care decisions for us, as opposed to having any oversight or rules to protect Americans.

In Ryan's world, business will take care of us (until they can't make a profit anymore, that is).....

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All right. Rob, here's basically what we're looking at. The difference is this. We don't think all the answers lie in Washington regulating all of this. So the problem with the approach we are seeing that you're offering, which I do believe, Senator, is very different than what we're saying, is we don't want to sit in Washington and mandate all of these things. So what you're (inaudible) is you're defining exactly what kind of health insurance people can have, you're mandating them to buy this kind of health insurance.

And so we simply say, look, if the National Restaurant Association or the National Federation of Independent Business on behalf of their members wants to set up an association health plan, we think they'll probably do a good job on behalf of their members. Let them decide to do that instead of restricting insurance competition.

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