Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Republican Plan To Balance Utah's Budget: Cancel 12th Grade and Kids Busing.

I had to mention this unusual story because it demonstrates how one particular ideology, conservatism, tend to only think of cost and how they can avoid those troublesome government requirements in public education. Education is a discretionary cost for Republicans, so cutting programs, grades or busing is simply part of making "tough" decisions, like the following form state Sen. Chris Buttars.

Deseretnews.com: Senior year is slacker time for many students, so why not cut high school short and save a few bucks in these tough economic times, asks Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan.

Sometimes the 12th grade means "nothing but playing around," Buttars said … killing off 12th grade would save the state $102 million. "You're spending a whole lot of money for a whole bunch of kids who aren't getting anything out of that grade," Buttars said. "It comes down to the best use of money." He also would like to cancel all busing for 12th grade high school students to save $15 million.

I wish I were kidding. KCSG:

Video is available, despite black screen, click to see

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