Monday, February 22, 2010

N. Carolina Candidate for Congress D'Annunzio's Machine Gun Social Part of New GOP.

Imagine what it would be like to have a congress filled with Tim D'Annunzio's. The nightmarish North Carolina candidate is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here's what happened at a recent fundraiser, courtesy of WTVD:
It was a typical political fundraiser with barbecue, handshakes and a raffle. Then somebody asked a shocking question. “What would you like to shoot this evening... an MP5 or an UZI?” And such has been Tim D‟Annunzio‟s entire run for Congress. His Machine Gun Social last week … in Fayetteville was the latest newsmaker in a surging campaign that may be tapping into a growing undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the traditional political structure in Washington … offered supporters a chance to shoot two types of machine guns at the indoor shooting range for $25 a piece. More than 70 people took advantage of the unusual opportunity.

D'Annunzio's approach might be working. An "internal poll" showed D’Annunzio got "24 percent of the vote across the district; Harold Johnson came in second with 10 percent, followed by Hal Jordan with 7 percent."

Hal Jordan? That's bad news for those who know that Hal Jordon is secretly Green Lantern, and would make a great congressman.

At his blog, Christ War (I'm not kidding), candidate Tim D’Annunzio flips reality on its head with a bad case of "projection." D'Annunzio's opinionated ranting's may reflect the conservative party's philosophy in general, but the conservative strategy utilizes the very strategy they keep warning us to fight against. The following horrific plot is the GOP strategy:

Hamilton’s warning about … what overturns liberties and brings in tyranny. Hamilton warned about the politician who comes along stirring up people with a fawning attentiveness to the “rights” they are being denied, and then uses this sentiment to propel themselves to power. They continue to use this tactic until they have amassed enough power to then ignore the will of the people and any laws (constitution). Hamilton says they begin demagogues and end tyrants. Adams describes (how a) politician causes the people, through fear (crisis) and lust, to first think they are being deprived of something they have a right to and that the person’s happiness and security lies in getting that thing.

The demagogue presents themselves as the one who will supply the need and therefore provide for the person's security and happiness. As we have seen this works time after time because happiness and security are never found in these things. Once the demagogue has the person coveting they can present thing after thing and happiness is always just one more thing away.

If you think this nut just gave us the GOP's underlying strategy for taking power and keeping it in Washington over the last one and a half decades, you would be right.

Ironically speaking, we've all been warned.

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