Monday, February 1, 2010

Even Fox News' Chris Wallace Doesn't Believe in Rep. Paul Ryan's Health Care Scheme.

Fox News' Chris Wallace wasn't timid taking on Rep. Paul Ryan's Dickensian "Road map" plan for health care reform.

1. The CBO's numbers say the GOP provisions would cut the deficit by $68 billion over ten years, less than the Democratic bill, which cuts the deficit $104 billion over the same time frame.

2. The Republican plan would supposedly lower current premiums because of government subsidies, which don't adjust for inflation, but end up leaving more people uninsured.

3. The Republican plan would leave 52 million people uninsured in 2019, more than the 46 million uninsured today.

So when Ryan claims his plan would insure more than the above CBO graded GOP proposal, that's not saying much. For a guy who doesn't like government subsidies, he's promising a lot of them to "help" people get insurance. Sounds like hell on earth to me, with no curb on sky rocketing costs.

Rep. Paul Ryan is embarrassing himself. Keep it up Paul.

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