Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beck Fired after Low Ratings. Guess the People Have Spoken.

Glenn Beck may be one of the hottest talk show hosts in the country, but he apparently left New York's WOR cold.
WOR (710 AM), one of the city's two biggest talk radio stations, said this morning it is dropping Beck's syndicated show as of Jan. 17 and replacing him with a familiar New York name: Mike Gallagher.
"The reason is ratings," said WOR program director Scott Lakefield. "Somewhat to our surprise, the show wasn't getting what we wanted."

Too bad, since we found out Beck would never lie to his audience...Ed Schultz and Media Matters:

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Anonymous said...

Beck wasn't fired because of low ratings...
He was fired after mildly exposing a few jews and the ADL in NYC started a campaign against WOR and they immediately caved....