Monday, September 5, 2016

Soledad O'Brien on Media unwittingly Normalizing White Supremacy, based on "what seems fair!!!"

Conservatives I've talked to are no longer held back by the appearance of blatant racism anymore, because the right wing has reworded the terminology in a way that makes it an acceptable condition. How many times have you heard conservatives claim, "we're all racists now?" And just like that, it's okay.

Republicans deserve all the credit for successfully selling the American public on the oldest school yard taunt, "I know you are but what am I?"

Until now. I'm hoping Soledad O'Brien's recent comments below ring out, exposing one of the most important issues of the presidential campaign; the media's inability to understand how it is "normalizing white supremacy." Raw Story:

Former CNN host Soledad O’Brien blasted the cable news business for profiting off the hate speech that has fueled Donald Trump’s political rise. According to O’Brien, the media had gone through “contortions to make things seem equal all the time” when comparing Trump to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“If you look at Hillary Clinton’s speech where she basically pointed out that what Donald Trump has done — actually quite well — has normalized white supremacy. I think she made a very good argument, almost like a lawyer. Here is ways in which he has actually worked to normalize conversations that many people find hateful.

I’ve seen on-air, white supremacists being interviewed because they are Trump delegates. And they do a five minute segment, the first minute or so talking about what they believe as white supremacists. So you have normalized that.

And then Donald Trump will say, ‘Hillary Clinton, she’s a bigot.’ And it’s covered, the journalist part comes in, ‘They trade barbs. He said she’s a bigot and she points out that he might be appealing to racists.’ It only becomes ‘he said, she said.’ When in actuality, the fact that Donald Trump said she’s a bigot without the long laundry list of evidence, which if you looked at Hillary Clinton’s speech, she actually did have a lot of really good factual evidence that we would all agree that are things that have happened and do exist. They are treated as if they are equal.”
Soledad again has to spell out where the problem is:
"That’s where journalists are failing: the contortions to try to make it seem fair.”

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  1. Soledad O'Brien. lol.

    The only supremacists are the jews. Why else do they call themselves God's "chosen" people?

    Now before you have to retreat to your safe space, I'd like to reaffirm that Hillary is the real bigot and so is everyone on the political left that I have come across. The tolerant left isn't very tolerant at all. Instead of having the discussion they would rather censor comments and emotionally react with name calling.

    While I'm at it, I'd just like to point out how all you commies are the real hypocrites, xenophobes and are fill with absolute hate for everything Americana.

    You may be getting triggered now.