Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hey Wisconsin Republican Voters, feeling manipulated and played for suckers yet?

While illegally obtained information leaked to the public about Democrats makes sense to Republicans, they’re quick to discount equally damaging disclosures leaked about their own deceptive tactics to trick their own voters…because they can without blowback?

Now hear this: Republicans were caught, plain and simple, lying about election fraud as a defensive tactic to piss off their base, sending them into a blind rage. As a side note and former radio talk host, I can't imagine duped right-wing talkers are too happy knowing they got played:
JS-Dan Bice: Republican insiders discussed ginning up concerns over voter fraud in the days after then-Supreme Court Justice David Prosser narrowly defeated challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg in April 2011.

"Do we need to start messaging 'widespread reports of election fraud' so we are positively set up for the recount regardless of the final number? I obviously think we should," wrote Steve Baas, a senior vice president with the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, to a group of conservative operatives on April 6, 2011, a day after the Prosser-Kloppenburg contest.

"Yes. Anything fishy should be highlighted," wrote former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen, a Republican. "Stories should be solicited by talk show hosts."

Asked to clarify his email, Jensen said on Wednesday, "The British newspapers are world famous for printing illegally obtained information. I am disappointed that is now the standard at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel."
“Guilty as charged” is the phrase I think Scott Jensen was looking for in that word salad about the British media.

Election Fraud Bullshit: Let the above comments be "exhibit A" in the court arguments against the long list of voter suppression laws based on outright lies:

Rick Hasen, a national election law expert, said on his blog on Wednesday that the email exchange suggests that much of the talk about voter fraud is "all about manipulating Republican public opinion." He added, "This cynical 'messaging' is sadly validating of what many of us have said."
Caught, but Deny, Deny, Deny: When asked about the John Doe emails trying to gin up fears over voter fraud just in case the supreme court election didn't go their way, Republican Rep. Robin Vos skipped right over the apparent ploy, and quickly blamed angry liberal Wisconsinites committing fraud and "doing all kinds of different things, to try to gin up the number of voters." Gee, wouldn't want more voters.

This grotesque example of projection tells us a lot about what Republicans would do themselves, and definitely, have:
Vos: "...the election worked out just's the reality of what we worry about in every election with the "left." Where they're willing to do whatever it takes to win, even if it means things like "smokes for votes," and all the things that we've seen in the past. It was wide spread. And now with voter ID we have a lot less concern."
First, "smokes for votes" involved bribing the homeless with cigarettes to vote, so voter ID would have not have had an impacted...and the millionaire responsible got caught and paid a fine. Gee, the election laws on the books worked. But "all the things we've seen?" Searching my blog...:
Bradblog: All eight (Republican) defendants in Clay County, Kentucky's election fraud trial have been found guilty today by a federal jury. Six of those eight were high-ranking election officials, including the county clerk, a circuit judge and the school superintendent.
The community organization ACORN has never been charged with, or found guilty of aiding in the illegal casting of a single vote. Ever. Anywhere. No actual evidence has ever been presented in support of such a charge either

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  1. I think you give them way too much credit. I dont think they were suckered i think they were in on it from the beginning and the listeners are the ones who were suckered