Thursday, September 8, 2016

Embarrassed Ryan didn't seek Trump apology for false claim ISIS wanted Clinton to win.

Oops, poor Paul Ryan, couldn't even get this phony moment of outrage right...

Clinton cited a recent Time magazine article by former National Counterterrorism Center chief Matt Olson where he argues that members of ISIL are actively advocating for Trump. In August, one ISIS spokesman wrote: “I ask Allah to deliver America to Trump.” Another supporter declared: “The ‘facilitation’ of Trump’s arrival in the White House must be a priority for jihadists at any cost!!!” ISIS is working to drum up support for the candidate it has called “the perfect enemy.”
Apparently Ryan completely missed this unsubstantiated nonsensical claim made by Trump on May 20, 2016:

Or this...

Trump spoke to the National Association of Home Builders in Miami Aug. 11 and stated that ISIS wants Clinton to win the election. “Oh boy, is ISIS hoping for her,” he added.
We're all waiting for the Trump apology....

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