Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Voters may question Trump's qualifications, but project his own massive fraud and criminal allegations onto Clinton.

After 25 years of relentless attacks by Republicans, is it any wonder Hillary Clinton has a “trust” issue?

It’s paying dividends now for Republican and their blindly dedicated voters. Sadly, it also plays to the more gullible Democrats who are used to adopting conservative talking points and memes, instead of working on their own. 

One political scientist observed the following dangerous trend, without even considering the deep seeded gender bias on the right: WPR:
Lilly Goren, professor of political science at Carroll University, said the controversy surrounding how both leading presidential candidates managed their respective charitable foundations will most likely be more damaging to Hillary Clinton because it speaks to the Democratic nominee's biggest weakness — trust … wondering if she's obfuscating the truth and not being completely transparent.
Goren points out voters are more concerned about whether Trump even qualifies as a candidate for president than the more egregious fraud allegations against him:
Goren said investigations into the Donald J. Trump Foundation found more egregious incidents of mismanagement, even illegal activity, particularly a case involving a fundraiser for the Florida attorney general who decided not to investigate fraud allegations against Trump University.  

However, Goren said the backlash will likely hit Republican nominee Donald Trump with far less force because voters are primarily concerned with his ability to serve as president, not his trustworthiness. 
 "Generally, the poll numbers have indicated (voters') skepticism with regard to Trump is whether or not he is fit to be president ... And so the Trump Foundation narrative and the investigation into it doesn't directly lean into that narrative.
Unlike most political candidates, Trump decided not to get past these damaging allegation early on. It’s possible any number of lawsuits, federal investigations and fraud allegations might just dominate these last few weeks of his campaign. Maybe even kill his polling numbers.

In my dreams.  


  1. I am a past officer of the Des Moines Democratic party. I have worked on campaigns for many Democrats, including Tom Harkin.

    Donald Trump is a lying, egomaniacal criminal thug.

    Hillary Clinton is utterly corrupt and surrounds herself with sycophants.

    Both statements are true, both candidates are unfit to lead the most powerful nation on earth.

    I agree that Trump is worse than Clinton, but given a choice of cellmates, would you rather go to bed each night with Charlie Manson in the top bunk, or George Zimmerman?

    The Democratic party has lost all credibility, and can only regain the support of Americans by repudiating their unworthy nominee.

  2. I disagree, "utterly corrupt" is nonsense, with no proof offered. Sorry you bought into GOP meme and 15 years of talking points