Friday, September 16, 2016

Trump will improve our already improved economy, well that was easy.

You can thank the media for never correcting the Republicans trash talk about the Obama economy. Republicans say were on the verge of collapse? GOP governors have no shame touting their jobs an roaring economies despite the similarities to the national economy, which oddly, is in utter shambles.

Well, just in time for the presidential elections, the truth came out. It won't change one Trumpian mind, but we can hope it will get a mention in some future history book...if they're not already burned. Point by point below proves Trump is a nonstop liar. Washington Post:
The numbers from the government's annual report on income, poverty and health insurance, complicate the economic narrative underpinning the 2016 presidential election. They were hailed by the Obama administration and by Hillary Clinton, but greeted with silence by Republican nominee Donald Trump, who frequently cites median income stagnation as a sign of American decline. Republicans discounted the improved outlook, saying the overall numbers remain weaker than they should be. 

The numbers appear to run counter to Trump's contention that America is in decline and working people's lives are getting worse.

1. Middle-class Americans and the poor enjoyed their best year of economic improvement in decades in 2015, Real median household income was $56,500 in 2015, up from $53,700 in 2014. 

2. That 5.2 percent increase was the largest, in percentage terms, recorded by the bureau since it began tracking median income statistics in the 1960s.

3. The poverty rate fell by 1.2 percentage points, the steepest decline since 1968.

4. There were 43.1 million Americans in poverty on the year, 3.5 million fewer than in 2014. 

5. The share of Americans who lack health insurance continued a years-long decline, falling 1.3 percentage points, to 9.1 percent.

6. A combination of forces, including an improving job market, low inflation and rising wages, particularly for low-earning workers who may have benefited from state and local initiatives to boost minimum wages.

7. Incomes increased for men and for women - the income gap between the two genders narrowing slightly - and across racial and ethnic groups.

8. Last week, the Agriculture Department released its annual data on hunger in the United States, showing that food insecurity declined substantially last year for the first time since the recession.

9. Indicators of economic confidence have risen this year, and with them, Obama's approval rating.
Still struggling and angry, rural conservative voters continue to fall victim to their own party’s lack of interest in their plight. Frustrated, they're lashing out with a vote for Trump. So don’t expect the following to change, because Republicans have their duped voters right where they want you:
1. Median incomes did not budge significantly in rural areas, while in cities, they grew by 7.3 percent.

2. The South saw significantly weaker income growth than the West.
And here we were told right to work increased wages.

Note: Family incomes are up, but does that relate more to minimum wage increases or families taking multiple jobs?

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