Monday, September 12, 2016

Deplorable Trump spews nonsense...too much to cover....

I really wanted to dig a little deeper into the psyche of Trump's latest lunacy, but then he topped that with another, than another, than another....

Lawrence O'Donnell predicted correctly that the following campaign killer would never make the headlines, even though it should have, shooting Iranian small boats out of the water for hand gestures:

Remember when Trump said he could kill people and still hold onto his loyal voters?

Trump now says Hillary has a similar talent:

Karl Rove was known for taking an opponents strongest quality and turning it against them. Well, Trump would like to think that true of his biggest strength, or "asset," his...temperament?

Basket of Deplorables fits, wear it. Clinton later took back the word "half:"

All in with Chris Hayes took a look at all the white supremacist tweets taking off on the "deplorable" tag. He also talked to Trump senior advisor A.J. Delgado and shredded her silly attempts discredit real words, real meaning:


  1. "white supremacist tweets?"

    Your racist and divisive tweets are deplorable.

    But then the democrats have always been the evil party of racism trying to divide everyone.

  2. ...and Trump could shoot someone and you'd cheer and gladly vote for him. Funny, supremacist groups are on your side of the aisle and growing, and you're the proof. Not fooling anyone.