Friday, September 16, 2016

Guardian Leaked Walker Emails "Exposes Democrats' Contempt for the Law?"

Brazen arrogance?

When I read the Federalist story summarized below, "Wisconsin John Doe Leak Exposes Democrats' Contempt for the Law," it immediately brought to mind the Club for Growth's Eric O'Keefe's leaked John Doe 2 information. Ah, it all seems incredibly hypocritical. As reported by The Progressive:
In November 2013, a little-known conservative activist named Eric O’Keefe brazenly disobeyed a court order and leaked information to The Wall Street Journal editorial page about a secret “John Doe” investigation involving campaign finance violations ...  O’Keefe launched a series of suits against the prosecutors leading the investigation, continued to leak information about the probe, and publicly denounced it as a “partisan” attack on free speech. 
Tables Turned: When you consider what O'Keefe did, and the shocking silence on the right about disobeying the rule of law, the phony outrage written below is that much more outrageous:  
Wisconsin John Doe Leak Exposes Democrats’ Contempt For The Law By Daniel Payne;
The John Doe squad’s evidence could reasonably be considered corrupted. But someone involved in the whole affair ignored the court order and leaked a set of sealed documents to The Guardian.

It is clear that someone involved in the John Doe investigation, incensed that a court had slapped down his or her gross abuse of state power, decided to disobey a court order and attempt one final time to destroy Walker’s political career … the leak is nonetheless troubling, chiefly because it underscores yet again the persistent lawlessness of much of American liberalism.

This is not an aberration. Much of modern American liberalism’s tactics rest upon a vicious set of double standards and abuses of government power. Breaking the law is clearly no impediment for liberals in this case. What matters is making the Right scared to assert itself in politics and contentious public debates.
UPDATE: 9/18/16: Rep. Robin Vos was asked on Upfront with Mike Gousha why no one called for special prosecutor when John Doe information  was leaked by the targets of the investigation. You'll laugh, you'll cry:



  2. This ignores the possibility that there could be a republican with an actual conscience. Could there be a republican that is so upset with the corruption that has infected his/her party that he/she could have leaked the documents to expose the corruption?

    Does every republican agree that their party can violate any law that they choose and if they get caught they can make the problem just go away by changing the laws to their advantage?

    Does every republican share in that corruption? Is every republican a party to it?