Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ryan the "Pot," calling the Kettle Black!!!

Really, after all of the document dumps we've seen under Scott Walker and every other politician looking to con the voters, Paul Ryan is angry the FBI did a doc dumb on Hillary Clinton's emails. Gee, and there was so much there...might as well complain anyway:

Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday morning blasted the FBI for releasing documents from its probe of Hillary Clinton’s email arrangement just as people were skipping town for a long Labor Day weekend last Friday ... 
Aw, poor baby, that's never happened before. 
On WRJN Wisconsin radio, host Glenn Klein suggested the FBI has become “an arm of the Clinton campaign.” Ryan concurred with his outrage.

“Yeah… I can’t believe that they would do what is such a patently political move. It makes them look like political operatives instead of law enforcement officers.”

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  1. Is there any elected republican that actually can feel shame?

    Will we ever find out what the 2016 equivalent of the biblical 30 pieces of silver is?