Friday, September 16, 2016

Walker's Road Delay Disaster proves Republicans can't govern!!!

If you thought the Verona Road interchange was a nightmare, just wait till snow plows try to find a place to put the white stuff piling up between the cement barriers. I gotta say it; this is friggin' crazy. Scott Walker's "no tax" pledge to Grover Norquist was fun to watch for awhile, but now?

My god the balls:

Yes, strengthen is the word I was looking for.

Not so much. WKOW:

You’ll notice Walker’s planned delays push our biggest and most expensive road projects off into another gubernatorial term, where this becomes someone else’s problem…very likely a Democratic governor.

Kicking the can down the gravel road, I guess this is what Walker meant when he talked about his "bold" agenda, borrowing $500 million more. JSonline:
Gov. Scott Walker’s transportation budget proposal: cut $447.4 million from state highway programs; provide nearly $70 million more for maintenance; $65 million more for local governments; authorize $500 million in new borrowing; significant delays for some major projects including Milwaukee's Zoo Interchange and reconstructing Interstate 94 south of Milwaukee. Significant delays for major projects:
1. 2 year delay completing work on the Zoo Interchange in Milwaukee, extending the work until 2022.

2. No funding for $1.6 billion plan to reconstruct the leg of I-94 south of Milwaukee … a new set of delays for a project that has already been relegated to the back burner.

3. Work on Highways 18 and 151 on Madison’s south side would be delayed for two more years, with completion pushed off from 2019 to 2021.

4. Highway 15 in the Fox Valley would face a one-year delay, meaning it would not be finished until 2022.

5. Highway 23 between Fond du Lac and Plymouth would be delayed for three more years. That project is already on hold because of litigation.


  1. Considering that our governor doesn't really do anything important to make peoples lives better, it wouldn't really matter to him if he were stuck in traffic for unnecessary amounts of time.

    He gets to live in a mansion at taxpayer expense.

    He gets to fly all around the world with a personal security force at taxpayer expense.

    Scott Walker is a parasite on the state of Wisconsin. He only takes from the taxpaying citizens while giving nothing of benefit in return.

  2. So, where is all of the DOT money being spent?