Monday, September 26, 2016

Getting Played Again: Good Cop Paul Ryan vs Bad Cop Trump!!!

Republicans have played both sides of the issues for years. Double standards and rank hypocrisy is so common place on the right, most people now just roll their eyes, essentially saying "Are you still talking about that...?"

Now with the bar set super low for Trump (and they thought Obama's lack of experience was bad), Republicans are playing a new game that's gotten little attention; good cop/bad cop. 

I noticed this as I was paging through news headlines showing Paul Ryan denouncing Trump positions at every turn. 

Playing "good cop/bad cop" also provides a phony "both sides" appearance, meaning no one has time for the Democratic Party side to an issue. Let's face it, Trump low information voters heads would explode if that happened. 

Here's the timeline showing good cop Paul Ryan, standing up to bad cop Trump, taking positions that aren't nearly as bad as Trump's:

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  1. But if Trump actually gets elected and the Republicans hold control in the house and senate does anyone think that the "good cop, bad cop" stuff will actually last to prevent the most atrocious things that Trump proposes?

    Betting against that could be the best retirement plan far too many people would have in that situation.