Friday, September 9, 2016

Republicans obsessed with targeting Democrats over "appearance," "potential" conflicts of interest.

When it just "appears" Republicans are mere lackeys of corporate special interests in Washington, they say they are actually doing the peoples work. But when Democrats simply say hello to a corporate special interest, there is the appearance of corruption, back room pay to play dealing.

Republicans are "appear" to be pulling out all the stops to end Hillary Clinton's bid to win the presidency, and it's starting to "appear" desperately silly. The Hill:
Senate Republican Whip John Cornyn (Texas) said Hillary Clinton misled lawmakers eight years ago when questions about the Clinton Foundation loomed over her nomination to head the State Department.
Cornyn held up her nomination because of concerns over potential conflicts of interest posed by the foundation’s fundraising activities. He finally relented ... Cornyn now says he would have voted against her had he known what was to come. “She was playing both sides. As she was performing her job of secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation was shaking down donors who were buying access. It’s absolutely deplorable.”
It would be deplorable, if it ever happened. Ready for it? You know it's coming....
Cornyn said the only way to know whether foreign donors to the foundation gained improper access to Clinton while at the State Department would be for President Obama to appoint a special prosecutor.
Oh if only Obama had appointed a special prosecutor for Bush/Cheney, they'd be in prison today.

Of course Clinton never did grant special favors, but the "appearance" is enough to spark a special prosecutor. Funny, "appearance" in Wisconsin has no meaning at all. It just depends what side of the aisle your on.

Cornyn believes that any "appearance" that peaks the paranoid mind of Republicans, negates all the great work did as Secretary of State. Hint. It doesn't, and that's what Republicans were saying:

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