Monday, September 5, 2016

NJ Republican candidate tells reporter, "Hope. You. Get. Raped. By. A. Syrian. Refugee. :)"

Republicans really think like this...all the time (see picture below). This is the rhetoric I get from numerous blog trolls, hitting on multiple points all at once, pretending they somehow relate.

This directly ties in with a previous post where former reporter Soledad O'Brien accused the media of "normalizing" white supremacy and bigotry. Her comments should stop the news media in its tracks, forcing a change. Yea, like that'll happen:
Mike Krawitz, a New Jersey Republican who is running for a spot on the West Deptford Township Committee this fall, told Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi on Facebook that he hopes she gets raped by a Syrian refugee.

But that's not all, Krawitz seems to have an unhealthy admiration for...another man, Trump. I think Martin Freeman is an incredible actor, but you won't find one picture of him on my Facebook page, much less a bizarre collage like the one below:
A look at Krawitz’s Facebook page shows that — surprise! — he’s a really big fan of Donald Trump. In fact, his Facebook photos section consists almost exclusively of Trump-related pictures:

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