Friday, September 23, 2016

Republican Refusal to Fund Flint Water disaster put the "squeeze" on the Democrats?

It's not just a media setting a low bar for Trump, how about the Republicans? 

Here's the latest ghoulish, politically motivated scheme, supposedly designed to embarrass and blame the Democrats for a government shutdown. They're now heroes for stripping out poison pill riders:

Republicans on Thursday presented what they said was a clean bill stripped of conservative policy riders ... provide $500 million in relief to flood victims in Louisiana, West Virginia and Maryland, fund the battle against the Zika virus and provide aid to communities dealing with opioid addition ... But it does not include aid for the community of Flint, where residents can’t drink the tap water due to high levels of lead.
Let me get this straight; that's supposed to squeeze the Democrats and make the Republicans look good? Blatantly ignoring and politicizing the water disaster in Flint Michigan? Am I in Bizarro World now? Heck, The Hill story even points out this was their gruesome intention:
Republicans think if Democrats try to block the funding bill, they’ll get blamed for derailing legislation to keep the government operating, fight Zika and help thousands of displaced people in Louisiana.
For gods sake, why are we letting Republicans play politics with natural disasters, disease and lead laced drinking water. What does it take for the media to finally remove the kid gloves they put on long ago to appear "fair and balanced?"

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