Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Walker/Act 10 backer Green Bay Mayor Schmitt violated Election Law! So much for defending the integrity of elections.

Not so “nonpartisan” Republican Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt is...probably a nice guy...:
...facing criminal charges of violating state election law, three misdemeanors, including attempted election fraud.

Schmitt issued a statement Wednesday in which he acknowledges mistakes in how his campaign finances were handled. Each count carries a maximum 9 months imprisonment and $10,000 fine upon conviction. Schmitt is accused of accepting contributions over acceptable limits and wrongfully attributing some to relatives. The mayor is also accused of failing to accurately record and verify financial campaign data.

Mayor Jim Schmitt … praised Walker at the start of his campaign and was briefly considered for a position in the governor's cabinet.
Wikipedia had this little tidbit.
In early January 2015, the Gazette reported that Mayor Schmitt's campaign finance reports from the previous three years show donations of about $120,000, with about $10,000 exceeding the legal campaign contribution permitted in Green Bay of $1,040.57. These donations came from at least two corporations and several from individual donors. The Schmitt campaign later stated that some donations had been improperly entered.
 It wasn't an accident either:
According to the criminal complaint:
» Schmitt reported a $5,000 contribution from Robert E. Toonen of Green Bay in August 2003 as five separate contributions, from Toonen, his wife, two daughters and a son-in law.
» Schmitt changed his record for an October 2011 contribution from Toonen for $1,000 to say it came from David Toonen. Robert Toonen told investigators he was not aware of the change, and David Toonen said he was not contacted by Schmitt's campaign about it.
» Schmitt initially reported two $25 contributions to attend a fundraising event from Cantilever Studio LLC in December 2013, a corporate contribution that is prohibited by law. After questions were raised about his finance reports, the entries were changed to indicate the contributions, initially recorded as CS, were from his brother, Carl Schmitt.
» Schmitt received a $1,250 check in June 2014 from Philip Hendrickson of Green Bay, which would have put Hendrickson over the $1,040 limit for the reporting period. The donation was recorded as $250.
» When William Lewis of Green Bay wrote a check for $1,000 in June 2014 that exceeded the contribution limits. Schmitt's campaign recorded the check as a donation of Lewis' daughter, who told investigators she only knew about the contribution because an employee of her father's company had called to ask permission to use her name.
» Schmitt altered records by adding "Jr." to two contributors, David Charles and William Kress, to prevent them from exceeding the contribution limit.
WKOW had this coverage:

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  1. I can only hope that this is just the start of the exposure of republican corruption in election finance.

    It would be nice if some light were shined on the corruption of the politicians that proclaim themselves as being so close to god that they never do any wrong.

    The constituents need to learn. They need to see. It won't be easy, and it will hurt.

    The politicians that are kissing up to them the most are charlatans.

    The people that vote for the republicans need to learn, they need to understand that their elected representatives are not working to help them.

    They may promise tax cuts. But what is better, saving $5 in property taxes or having to pay $500 to fix the suspension of your car after you drive through a couple dozen potholes every day because of the lack of maintenance of roads?

    Our state is last in the development of start-up businesses. Where does all of that state taxpayer money go to that gets passed out by WEDC?

    Is WEDC an organization that is working to create jobs in Wisconsin or is it just a slush fund to channel tax dollars through businesses that support republican politicians into republican election campaign contributions?

    Small children can connect those dots. Why do too many adults fail at this?

    Willful ignorance?

    Plain and simple greed?

    The republican base idiology of "I've got mine, you're on your own."

    What happened to Wisconsin?