Friday, July 10, 2015

The Republicans offer up alarming Dystopian vision of the "American Dream!"

I don't know why I was stunned by the dystopian-like agenda pursued by House Republicans, led by Paul Ryan. Just search this blog with the term "role call," or the name "ryan" and "ribble," you'll see breathe taking bills Republicans have been passing for years.

We're now "the land opportunism." Mad Max, Hunger Games and Fountainhead were works of fiction, not an actual blueprint for government policy.

If I use my conservative friend in Milwaukee's absolute hatred of government as a template, assuming he's your typical Republican voter, then it's clear nothing else matters; not laws; not human safety; not education; not health care; not internet freedom; not clean water; not pollution; not job training; not Pell grants; not saving billions on health care; not protecting retirement savings...etc.

House Republicans are trying to unravel two centuries worth of progress, the stuff that built the American dream.

It would be easier to call this a political suicide note, but oddly it isn't. In the name of small government, Republicans want to...
1. Prohibit any federal money from being spent on the Affordable Care Act.

2. Drastically reduce funds for the enforcement of new labor rules.
3. Reverse efforts to impose strict rules on for-profit universities .

4. Reverse new rules requiring retirement investment advisers to prove they have no financial conflicts of interest.

5. Another bill would stop regulation of hydraulic fracturing; prohibit implementation of carbon emission standards for electric power plants; block new clean-water rules; and stop the government’s marine and coastal planning efforts to respond to climate change.

6. A bill would block the Food and Drug Administration from reviewing e-cigarette marketing.

7. Keep the FCC from carrying out “net neutrality” regulation of the Internet.

8. Push a “conscience” rider that would let employers in the District of Columbia refuse health insurance coverage for any service on moral grounds, and hire and fire based on women’s use of health services.

9. Either reduce full-day, full-year service for 570,000 young children in Head Start or cut 140,000 children from the program altogether.

10. Funding for job training would be almost $500 million less than the White House requested.

11. Cuts to the National Park Service would delay about 70 percent of its construction projects and more than a third of its repair and rehabilitation efforts

12. A bill would also cut $370 million from the Pell Grant higher education program.

13. The main federal family planning program, Title X, would be eliminated … a major strike against women’s health care Title X, the only federal grant program dedicated solely to providing individuals with comprehensive family planning and related reproductive health services, including contraception. 90% of the people Title X serves have incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level, and 63 percent are uninsured. 6 in 10 women who access health care services from a Title X-funded health center consider this their main source of health care … saves taxpayers money: For every public dollar invested in family planning, the American taxpayer saves approximately $7 in Medicaid-related costs. Nearly half of all births in the U.S. are paid for by Medicaid; the average national cost for one Medicaid-covered birth is $12,770. This is a stark contrast to the $239 per-client cost of publicly funded contraceptive care through Title X family planning. It is estimated that Title X saves taxpayers nearly $7 billion a year.


  1. The American dream you refer to is really the American nightmare. And your "two centuries of progress" is actually 18 trillion in the hole for everybody, 200 trillion unfunded entitlement programs, and probably about 2 quadrillion in OTC derivatives.

    That list is pretty much all good things if you actually look into them deeper. But liberals don't think logically. They think emotionally. Now when you calm down after reading this, tell me where you think all this money comes from that you want to spend.

  2. Here listen closely and maybe you might finally realize why this will never ever get better. And communism has worked out so well in the past. 100 million killed last century.

    The David Icke Video Cast - The Funny Money 'Crisis'

  3. I think you need to recheck your figures….and march right back over to FOX…..

  4. Anonymous: Are you paid to post this BS???

  5. Thanks to Bush, we are in the hole. Clinton left us with "surpluses as far as the eye could see," remember.

    But surpluses had to be returned to taxpayers, remember when Bush said that? Surpluses gone, we added two wars on the credit card and Obama started to include that debt on the deficit number. That's why it's so high. Deregulation and free market dreams on Wall Street tanked the global economy giving us the Great Recession.

    What happens without "Entitlements?" I will wait for an answer and what you would do for seniors and the sick in the country.

    I'm so tired of conservatives flipping the reality. Liberals get lost in the facts and lose the message and emotion. Conservatives use emotions, like fear and envy, to get their way. Think logically once instead of talking points that don't make sense.

    Finally, the money would have come from the "surpluses as far as the eye could see." We have to get back to that. The rest is way to logical for you. Remember, you have to make government smaller, despite the costs, as the list on my post details.

  6. Judi - No I don't get paid to post comments. I do it to try and wake people up. Sadly, it never works. And I don't watch Television let alone fox or the idiots, clowns, or liars on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Bill Maher, etc.

    John - You missed the entire point of the video as I knew you would. The money itself is the problem and it will never get better until a default the size of Jupiter happens. Rest assured it IS coming. Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. Is that the extent of your scope of vision? The politicians are there to give you the illusion of choice. And no, clinton did not leave us with surpluses in real terms and he had nothing to do with it anyways. I could go on and on about this point but until you understand this money system in the first place, you will never get it.

    Unfortunately I do not have 200 trillion dollars, but I have become financially independent by working my ass off and do whatever I can to help others do the same. I plan on moving home soon to take care of my aging parents and other family members of their generation. As far as I am concerned you are on your own. But as for the sick, I have shared so much information with others on how to live happy healthy lives so they don't get sick in the first place. Not many listen, but with those that do, I see rapid transformations. Don't you ever wonder why they never give us the cure to cancer and only the treatment (chemotherapy which kills the healthy cells)?

    Liberals are lost in the facts. This is true. I can't speak for all conservative people but I try to use logic, rhetoric, and grammar to prove my points. If you ever read a history book you will see that this "trivium" was the basis for liberal arts education but is rarely used today.

    There are no surpluses today. And there won't be until Americans rebuild their savings and stop spending. More importantly is HOW they save. If they are saving in this "funny money" as David Icke has stated in the video, they are surely doomed. The US Federal Reserve Note has lost 98% of it's purchasing power since it's inception. I hope you're ready for it to lose another 98% because it will happen. The damage is already done and cannot be reversed. Since I'm sure you think I am only fear mongering, why not instead take my advice and prepare for this by storing some food, water, and other supplies for your family. It's not like a surplus of eggs or beef are going to appear anytime soon. This financial system is like a room full of elephants standing on marbles. And we have been warning you for years to take action to protect yourself. Time to grow up. Do you even know what a surplus is? Where is this surplus you keep talking about? We are collectively in the hole!!! As of today, according to the US debt clock (even though the debt has been frozen for 3 months), US debt per citizen is $56,000 and per taxpayer $154,000. I hope each member of your family has this because one way or another you will pay for it. It cannot be taxed into surplus. I know you think it can but it can't.

    Stop listening to what Bush said, or Hillary says or Bernie says and THINK for yourself!!!

  7. I refuse to believe the rantings and opinion of a guy his home office or bedroom. Seriously?

    It's what I call anecdotal!

  8. You believe whatever you want. How's that worked out for you so far anyway?

    I don't believe. I don't hope. I know.

    And where do you post from? Your tree fort in the backyard?