Sunday, July 26, 2015

With Open Records, Walker hopes to confuse Wisconsinites.

Credit the Journal Sentinel for showing us how truly hypocritical Scott Walker is on the issue of open records, the underpinnings of a free and open government, answerable to the people. This opneing paragraph sums it up. jsonline:
State documents show Gov. Scott Walker's administration contends it doesn't have to release some internal discussions on four key issues even though the White House hopeful has said trying to rewrite the open records law to allow holding back documents in such cases was a "huge mistake."
Walker can have it both ways, because he knows people will only remember what they like about him.

Who else would even begin to buy into the Walker's way of thinking?
"Making these internal discussions just as open to disclosure as the final version of the budget would inhibit the free exchange of ideas, opinions, proposals and recommendations among those involved in deciding what to include in the final legislation."
It's anybodies guess how far we’ve burrowed into a comfortable Republican neo-fascist hole.
No other state provides such an expansive legal privilege for lawmakers, according to the Legislative Reference Bureau.
It is encouraging to see some voter blowback by stunned conservatives who happen to be paying attention:
"I am not a liberal by any stretch of the imagination," Jim Stroschein of Mineral Point wrote to Fitzgerald in an email sent on July 4. "I voted for Ronald Reagan twice and Tommy Thompson four times. Your attempts to limit access to public records are deeply disappointing and the Joint Finance Committee's vote ... qualifies as the most disturbing action I have ever seen in Wisconsin politics."

Tom Varney wrote Rep. Amy Loudenbeck (R-Clinton) on July 4 to express his frustration that she had voted for the measure in committee in the middle of the night just before the holiday. "You don't deserve to celebrate our freedom when you're working hard to take it away," he wrote. 

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