Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sen. Stroebel plays constituents for suckers, plans pointless investigation of Planned Parenthood for something they don't do. Rep. Duffy too.

Are Ozaukee County voters out of their minds electing Duey Stoebel as their State Senator?

While nothing wrong happened in the right wing video sting on Planned Parenthood, Republicans like Duey Stroebel and Rep. Sean Duffy have decided to spend their taxpayer time on "investigating" this drummed up controversy. Voters should be asking, why?
"(It is) illegal under federal law to sell human fetal tissue for anything of "valuable consideration." 
But the video shows a Planned Parent representative discussing what isn't illegal:
"(It) does not include reasonable payments associated with the transportation, implantation, processing, preservation, quality control, or storage of human fetal tissue."
Republican voters should recall this phony for playing them for suckers, and pretending Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has anything to do with fetal parts. Welcome to our big government Republican police state:
"It's just further documentation that Planned Parenthood is definitely in the business of selling baby body parts," said Sen. Stroebel. "We need to get into their books. That's what we really need to see. We need to see where they're revenues come from."
Maybe Stroebel should ask a few questions before he "gets into their books." And Republicans were crying about late night raids in the John Doe investigation, get real. WKOW: 

Nicole Safar, public policy director for PPWI said, "We are not donating fetal tissue, so it's unclear to me what exactly they would want to investigate." PPWI simply doesn't have the infrastructure to facilitate human fetal tissue donation. "It seems like a lot of political sort of rallying that they're doing, but, I have yet to see a credible argument they could make for investigating us."
Stroebel won't let reality prevent him from agitating his conservative "low information" base for votes, while violating the privacy of peoples medical records, and PPW activities and contributions of a targeted GOP political enemy. Talk about witch hunts:
"If that's what they say, fine, but they're going to have to be able to verify that and that's what I'm looking for for the State of Wisconsin - their verification of their statements. We are going to make every effort possible to be able to get into those books, see where that taxpayer money is going and as a part of that organization, see where they are also generating all their revenues and if they are generating other revenues from the sale of body parts of babies," 
Don't count out Rep. Sean Duffy getting in the phony outrage act too. Could anything be more transparent? Maybe this is what Republicans were talking about when they say they want transparency.

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