Friday, July 10, 2015

Scott Walker announces Presidential Accident!!! FEC is watching...

UPDATE: Scott Walker must either have a hell of team of powerful insiders in place, or a group of thugs ready to break a few legs if people don't comply. The Walker campaign first got Stephen Moore to deny he talked to Walker about immigration, and now...a Twitter representative? Yea, Twitter was at fault? This guy is scary:
A Twitter representative said in an emailed statement, "We're looking into today's issue, and we've determined the Walker team was not at fault."
The Original Story: It looks like Scott Walker’s unlimited fundraising days are over.  Walker announced his presidency complete by accident too. Nice start Scottie. Here's his official tweet:

That's a big bumbling mistake by Walker, who now has to report all the cash...all legal-like:
On the first report (Walker) files after he becomes a candidate (i.e., after he either receives contributions or makes expenditures which exceed $5,000), his committee must report the donations from his friends as "contributions" and the costs of the poll as "expenditures." Had (Walker) not become a candidate, there would have been no obligation to report these financial transactions, and the donations made to help pay for the poll would not have counted as contributions.
 Amazing, Walker tripped over his own incompetence in his glorious run for president.


  1. Oops. Musta got mixed in with the rest of the weekly late-Friday news dump. Old habits die hard, don't they Scooter.
    By now he must be running out of aides to blame things on.

  2. Don't worry guys. Trump is way out ahead.

    And Jeb is there to balance out Hillary. All she has to do is keep anyone else from jumping in on the Democratic side and she's in which has already been pre-decided. Then you will know what it really means to have the boot on your neck from a true Communist Dictator and be totally reliant on government for your survival. Major stockholm syndrome. You might want to look up what people ruled under communism actually say about it. It didn't turn out too well in China or Russia and it won't here either. I wouldn't even worry about Walker for president any longer. It's not going to happen. I did find this kind of refreshing however...

  3. "legal-like?" Wisconsin republicans don't know the meaning of the word.