Friday, July 10, 2015

Surprise!!! Scott Walker now had nothing to do with the now publicly scorned Open Records Changes made so close to his run for president!!!

As we all know, Scott Walker admitted his involvement in the legislatures jaw dropping attempt completely curtail the open records law. The fact that the GOP's plan coincidentally mirrored Walker's own reasons to deny open record requests made his involvement ridiculously obvious. 

Here's audio from Wisconsin Watch's Bill Leuders featuring Scott Walker himself admitting his involvement. Warning, this is a word salad non-answer like no other:

Of course the story has changed, and as usual, Walker found someone else to blame. 
WSJ: Gov. Scott Walker pointed the finger at Republican lawmakers Friday on a widely criticized proposal to curtail Wisconsin's open records laws, calling it "a huge mistake" that didn't originate in his office. 
"I think it was a mistake to even think about it in the budget, even though it didn't come from us," Walker told radio host Charlie Sykes on Friday morning. That was brought to us by the Legislature and they said they wanted to look at it and wanted our input."
Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Tuesday that Walker’s office collaborated with Assembly and Senate leaders to draft the changes.
Here's WKOW's great coverage of this continuing fiasco:

It's not partisan politics to point out how Scott Walker has never taken the blame for anything. This is his M.O. and we will see so much more of it during his presidential campaign.

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