Monday, July 6, 2015

Anti-Common Core groups angry at Walker, angry at non-existent Common Core curriculum.

The loud anti-Common Core forces never said much when Republicans passed No Child Left Behind, which prompted the still-going-strong testing frenzy across the country. It was an attempt to fail most schools so they could be privatized.

Wacko Anti-Common Core group names!
Yet Common Core, a simple national standard that doesn't require testing or any specific curriculum, is wrongly considered by tea party low information voters as big government at its most repressive. The fact that they think it's a federal takeover of our schools tells you all you need to know.

Chasing Phantoms: The groups pictured to the right aren't really fighting CC at all, and sadly, they don't even know it. They're really attacking every school districts preferred curriculum. Schools cannot choose Common Core, because it's not a books or funny math problems. 

So why are Wisconsinites letting purely agenda driven, small government tea party lunkheads call the shots over something as important as public education. What makes these crazy sounding groups pictured here the experts, and not the professionals who've spent centuries researching this stuff? Yea, yea, small government, I get it. Still dumb.

These people are in charge of our governments view of education right now and getting their way, mostly. Actually, they're having a little tantrum aimed at Scott Walker:
As we read the actual budget language, we became troubled. Despite the defunding of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) nothing in the budget language prohibits the selection or implementation of another Common Core-aligned assessment. Nor does it propose any fiscal plan for the creation or adoption of non-Common Core standards.

On June 5th the truth was irrefutably revealed: For mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA), the State of Wisconsin is telling bidders to write assessments based on the Common Core. Even then, there was clearly an effort to make it difficult to get to the truth. The links provided … did not directly contain the standards. Bidders and interested citizens, such as us, had to chase a rabbit trail of links and pages finally to arrive at PDF documents that contained the standards—clearly labeled as Common Core. Please tell us, then, Governor Walker, how you can say you are doing anything to rid this state of the false reform initiative that is Common Core?
These anti-education groups are right about one thing, Walker's got nothing but misleading excuses and half-truths: 
We’re tired, Governor Walker. We’re tired of excuses and half-truths. We’re tired of misleading and hollow rhetoric that repeatedly amounts to nothing more than political loopholes and broken promises. And most of all we’re tired of watching while the education of the children of Wisconsin takes a backseat. To whom are you listening on this issue, Governor? It certainly isn’t people who actually care about the individual lives of Wisconsin children, the rights of parents, the livelihoods and freedom of teachers, or the proper authority of the average citizen over education. 

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