Saturday, July 25, 2015

Figures; Dumb Ron Johnson's Super PAC fear mongers, Photoshops Obama standing next to president of Iran.

All in with Chris Hayes feature this amazing gaffe, not to mention lie, from what appears to be a desperate Dumb Ron Johnson fund raiser at his super PAC. The Progressive's Ruth Conniff gives the nation a wonderfully detailed, almost comical description of our national embarrassment:
A Super PAC supporting Sen. Ron Johnson, R - Wi., aired an ad featuring a photoshopped image of President Obama shaking hands with the Iranian president, which has never happened.

Check out the before and after photos wonderfully displayed by Buzzfeed. Obama looks strangely similar in the two different photos, right. But Johnson's PAC, believe it or not, continued to claim the picture was real, despite changing it! You can't make this stuff up. According to PolitiFact:
Editor's note: After this item was posted, Restoration PAC spokesman Dan Curry called PolitiFact Wisconsin to say the group had decided the day before -- after the Buzzfeed article -- to replace the image with side-by-side photos of the two men. He said the new ad began running the morning of July 24, 2015. (However, the old version continued to appear on YouTube and as a link from the group's website that afternoon). 
And it's down the rabbit hole....
In a statement, Curry criticized BuzzFeed as "not able to provide any proof that the photo was fake" and noted the photo "is in circulation widely on the internet, posted on dozens of websites. There also are no articles directly claiming the image is fake. However, out of an abundance of caution, we are replacing the image with side-by-side Obama and Rouhani photos that makes exactly the same point."

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