Saturday, July 25, 2015

Walker Revealed as Fraud by angry Donald "DumbDumb" Trump!

Finally, someone is attacking Scott Walker for the disastrous economic mess he's created here in Wisconsin. Take it away Donald Trump, GOP front runner:
A Scott Walker presidential campaign fundraiser, Gregory Slayton, and a New Hampshire venture capitalist, called Donald Trump “DumbDumb” in a fundraising invitation and said (Trump) would be “a total and complete disaster for the country. As you’ve seen Gov Walker is now well ahead of everyone not named DumbDumb (aka Trump) in the national polls. He’s also a plain spoken member of the 99% (as opposed to someone pretending to be so)…and that will be a KSF in 2016.”
Here's a cobble together but nearly complete video of Trump's response to Scott Walker. Oddly, many stations that featured this story cut off Trump's speech right at the point he was going to list Walker's problems. Odd, ya think?

Trump on Saturday (took a shot at) Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, whom he accused of mismanaging his state’s budget and creating a disaster for its roads, schools and hospitals …"Today I read this horrible statement from a fundraiser about Trump, and I said, ‘Oh finally, I can attack, finally,” Mr. Trump said to laughter.

He went down a list of criticisms that seemed the result of an overnight opposition-research effort. “Wisconsin is doing terribly,’’ he said. “First of all, it’s in turmoil, the roads are a disaster because they don’t have any money to rebuild them, and they’re borrowing money like crazy.’’

He cited figures for the state’s budget deficit. “They projected a $1bn surplus, and it turns out to be a deficit of $2.2bn, and money all over the place, the schools are a disaster, and they’re fighting like crazy because there’s no money for the schools, the hospitals and education is a disaster, and he was totally in support of [controversial education policy] Common Core.”

He also accused Mr. Walker of flip-flopping on the Common Core education standards, having once supported them. “Scott Walker changed when he saw he was getting creamed, so now he’s not in favor.’’

Mr. Trump gave $10,000 to Mr. Walker’s re-election campaign last year, something he alluded to; “He’s a nice guy. He came up to my office three or four months ago and presented me with a plaque because I helped him with his election. I liked that he was fighting." The $2.2bn deficit cited by Trump actually refers to a “pre-budget estimate” of tax revenue compared with budget requests from Wisconsin state agencies, PolitiFact Wisconsin reported

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